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20 Siglap Drive
Bowmont Centre
Project Price $90,000

Mr Peter & Ms Christina 
Singapore, Singapore

Theme: Monochromatic

This spacious 1884 sqft 2 storey apartment at Bowmont centre is home to a lovely family of 4.

It is the perfect example of how monochromatic black and white can be appealing and engaging without a riot of colours.


The walls of this apartment are kept a pristine white and the specially curated large glass panels at the stairway and use of mirrors at dining area opens up the space further.


The furniture choices are black with silver metallic accents for a bit of contrast and it looks stunning in the wholly white environment.


We blended some textures into the space by adding cowhide carpets and fluffy throws onto the large sofa to make this elegant space homelier to foster quality family time at the living area which was a part of our client’s brief.


A bold designer pendant geometric light fixture was added at the dining area and some organic elements like potted plants were added to soften the entire room.


The rest of the house was kept mostly sleek and white and the kitchen has a hidden pantry compartment to hide any clutter so that this home can be kept perfectly monochromatic.

001 Living
002 Living
003 Living
004 Living
005 Living
006 Living
007 Living
008 Living
009 Dining
010 Kitchen
011 Kitchen
012 Kitchen
013 Kitchen
014 Master
015 Master
016 Master
017 Master
018 Master Bath
3D Living
3D Kitchen
3D Kitchen
3D Master
3D Master Bath
3D Common Bedroom
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