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23 Bidadari Park Drive  
Woodleigh Residences 
Project Price $73,500

Ms Chan
Singapore, Singapore

Theme: Modern Luxury

The theme is modern luxury. We using lots of light effect in the ceiling and carpentry works. Owner like the feel of luxury hotel concept which more towards darker colo scheme. We implement it in the Lift Lobby and Master Bedroom, which the color theme is darker, combined with tea-colourer mirror and fluted panel design.  Meanwhile, the rest of the area still remain modern luxury theme but more towards brighter color scheme. On top of that, we had introduce gold trimming into the cabinets to enhance the luxury theme.

The client's foremost desire was for the apartment to exude a clean and spacious ambiance. With a family that had a penchant for collecting shoes, storage solutions were a high priority. The clients envisioned a connection between the kitchen and dining area, achieved through the installation of clear glass panels to invite natural light and amplify the sense of space.

For the Lift Lobby area is using darker wood with tea-colourer mirror with concealed led light to create a modern luxury concept. Owners want to present a luxury hotel concept when guest step out from the lift. When the guest step in to Living/ Dining area, it using mid-tone wood combine with light scheme of fabric-look-alike laminate & marble look-alike laminate. The area looks bright with the shine of sunlight from Balcony. This area is the space to host guest and play area for the kid. Therefore, owner prefer a brighter atmosphere. 


00 Foyer
001 Foyer
002 Foyer
003 Foyer
004 Living
005 Dining
006 Master
007 Master
008 Kitchen
009 Study
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