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010 Common Bath

32 Margaret Drive
SkyResidence @ Dawson
Project Price $47,000

Kevin Khua
Singapore, Singapore

Theme: Scandinavian

This charming nature-inspired Scandinavian 4 room BTO belongs to couple with a daughter and they wanted to have a muji-inspired zen living space that is welcoming and cosy.


To fit the muji minimalistic theme, we used white floorings and laminates for most of the house and complemented it with light woodgrain furniture with simple lines that is functional and pleasing.


An organic fabric sofa with textured throws and knitted pouffes sets an airy tone in the living room which is enhanced by floaty day curtains that lets gentle natural light flood in.


To open up the space a half wall is demolished between the kitchen and living area and a glass divider is built to allow the view of the living area to extend into the kitchen area. Cove lights installed in the kitchen illuminates and accentuates the clean lines of the space.


There are plenty of built in storages in this apartment which includes shoe cabinets, TV console and settee storage at dining area as well as full sized wardrobe in the bedrooms with bedside table and wall hung cabinets which maximizes the use of available space.


A truly functional, zen and cozy home at a really affordable price.

012 Living
013 Living
014 Living
015 Dining
016 Dining
011 Master Bedroom
010 Common Bath
001 Living
002 Dining
003 Kitchen
004 Kitchen
005 Master Bedroom
006 Master Bedroom
007 Girl Room
008 Study Room
009 Common Bath
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