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023 Master Bedroom.jpg

842 Tampines St 82
Tampines Arcadia
Project Price $140,000

Ms Ho
Singapore, Singapore

Theme: Modern Victorian

Home can be the happiest place on earth! Stepping into this 1140 sqft wonderland instantly teleports you into an enchanting journey away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This resale HDB apartment is moulded in a Modern Victorian x Disney fairytale style, with a palette of soft pink, white and marble grain tones. Dashes of gold are used throughout on the fittings to add bling and elevates the already stunning interiors making it fit for a royal princess!

The seamless integration of the living, dining and kitchen spaces results in a spacious outlook that blends perfectly. Several walls were removed and repositioning of rooms were performed in order to achieve the open concept. We especially love the kitchen island cabinet for its multi-functionalities - storage, dining and for work. Notice the “Telephone” booth? This was a request from the owners, and it’s a clever utilisation of space amongst the openness of the home - providing needed privacy for work or Zoom meetings when required. 

As avid collectors of all things Disney, multiple display cabinets are installed throughout the house, allowing for the collection to be showcased. Every piece of furniture & fitting  is flawlessly aligned and amplifies the enchantment. 

Our clients are absolutely delighted with the welcoming space which the home offers, and it is truly their Dream Home. 

002 Living
015 Living
003 Living
004 Dining
005 Kitchen
006 Master
007 Master
008 Common Bath
009 Bedroom 1
010 Master
011 Master
012 Master
3D Living
3D Foyer
3D Master
3D Master
3D Master
3D Master
3D Master
3D Bedroom
3D Bedroom
3D Study Room
3D Yard
3D Common Bath
3D Master Bath
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