523 Tampines Central 
Project Price $52,000

Mr Raffe 
Singapore, Singapore

Theme : Scandinavian

This delightful home belongs to a couple with 2 active boys.

The welcoming door entrance with greys and light wood sets the expectation for what you can find inside.

The first thing that catches our eye would be the flute panels at the side of the dining table and also a large seating area complete with long settee at the window that is adorned with outdoor plants. An advantage of being at a low floor, it is like having an outdoor garden just beyond your window.

The TV console designed with wood panels is kept low, charming and functional and this declutters the entire living area and exposes the wide white walls behind which brightens and enlarges the space.

The colour palette used are light wood, whites, greys, beige and an unexpected pop of mustard which really goes really well with the other colours especially greys. The textures of choice are knits and feathers which serve to intensify the warmth of the nordic design.

The walls towards the kitchen are replaced by clear glass to open up the space and to blend the living area with the kitchen which is done with the same vinyl flooring as the living room to make its integration seamless.

In the bedroom, there is one interesting feature which is a complete wall that is fitted with hooks to hold the numerous toy guns that are the prized possessions of the 2 boys. We love how it serves its function to easily store and provide access to these frequently used items and its doubles up as a feature wall with its bright colours that adds personality to the room and makes it truly one of a kind.

As a guest seated in this home, we feel relaxed, calm and that it is time to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just focus on family bonding & having great conversations.

Main Entrance
Living 2
Kid's Room
Master Bath
Master Room
Master Room 1
Mirror Refelection