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Package 01

New BTO Premium / New BTO Standard Apartment

Move in to your dream home with our package for

New BTO Premium / New BTO Standard Apartment.


Our quality design packages are transparent with no hidden costs, and are

all nett pricing with no GST.


Fyner Interior is deeply committed to our transparent pricing policy.

We don’t offer “free gifts” in our packages, as these are

typically factored into the package pricing.

Get 10% off all our package prices – Hurry, for a limited time only!

3 Room  ̶$̶7̶5̶8̶8̶   $6829.20

4 Room  ̶$̶7̶8̶8̶8̶   $7099.20

5 Room  ̶$̶8̶1̶8̶8̶   $7369.20

Click here  or email to

to find out more or arrange for a

non-obligatory design consultancy today!

FYNER PKG 001 (Add on 00)(New HDB Premiu

Need to do more works?

* 10% off on these works as well!
Add on for Package are below

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