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A home office is an investment into comfort and productivity. However, it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to have an exquisite working space. In some cases, it is free to create an excellent home office, and you can even let your creative juices flow in doing so.

Do not get it wrong; nobody will just give you an office desk or chair to build a home office. Such furniture can be expensive. However, there are innovative ideas on sprucing your home office without spending a cent or while keeping your budget as low as possible.

Here are some ideas you can use for an office makeover.

- Increase Natural Lighting

Some of us love open spaces. That is why we create balconies and go to the beach whenever we want to relax. The love for open spaces is driven by an instinctive love for natural lighting. It is always energizing and offers health benefits like Vitamin D. Such lighting is also a catalyst for improved productivity.

To make your home office more elegant and productive, it is advisable that you add natural lighting. You may open the curtains wider or enlarge the windows.

Some of these home offices are in garages, basements, and attics, but that does not mean that letting natural light enter these enclosed spaces is impossible.

Natural lighting offers benefits that artificial lighting cannot afford. It is free as opposed to the use of bulbs where you will be slapped with a hefty energy bill at the end of the month. However, you can still use energy-saving appliances for your home office.

Add a Plant

Indoor plants add some elegance to any room. Whether they will flower or remain green, they bring a room to life. They are especially helpful when working alone because you feel as though you have company. Luckily, plants come in all varieties and sizes.

Most indoor plants require minimal maintenance. They are inexpensive to buy and maintain. They are also associated with improved mental health, helping you to remain productive.

Add A Comfortable Carpet

Working from home comes with a relaxed mentality. You do not have to be in a suit and closed office/dress leather shoes. Since you are alone or away from clients, you can walk into the room in slippers or bare feet.

With a carpet or a rug, you have a warm place for your feet. In case you want to work from the floor, the carpet provides the perfect setting.

4. A Wall Mural Will Help

Plain walls can be boring. They create a mundane atmosphere that could kill your mood. How about investing in interesting wall murals to give the room a personality?

Choose your favourite colour, pattern, or image background. It could be a landscape, an animal mural, a city skyline, or even a blown-up family photo. It is the perfect background when you are on video calls.

An Ergonomic Desk

Working from home will see you sit long hours working on projects or attending meetings. It can be bad for your posture if your chair is uncomfortable, as it will hurt your back and reduce productivity.

Invest in ergonomic furniture, especially the chair. It saves the body from long-term health complications while also helping you to remain productive.

Add A Sofa

Working from home calls for a relaxed environment. You do not have colleagues to question your sitting position or clients who will be uncomfortable with your office setting.

Bring a coach or sofa into the office. It keeps you away from the hard table and chair, especially when working on a lengthy project. It is an alternative to the office desk and chair, especially now that you do not have workmates to chat with during breaks.

Deal With The Cables

Cabling can be a mess in any office. Since most home offices are modified rooms, it is likely that the sockets were not placed in the right spots.

As you supply power to laptops and other gadgets, cables will crisscross the entire room. Tie the cables and wires and get them out of the way. It leaves you with a neat room that will inspire productivity.

Keep A Cleaning Cloth At Hand

A home office comes with a lot of freedom. You may carry your tea or favourite beverage to the desk. You may even take your lunch at the desk. Have a cloth at hand in case the cup, bottle, or plate decides to misbehave.

Fresh Air

Fresh air is magical to the body. It adds to your productivity and is especially important for good health. Ensure that the room has an adequate supply of fresh air. Add an AC system or open the windows if the weather allows. You can also look for ways to save energy while keeping cool if you are worried about the bill.

Create Space

Remove any unnecessary item from the office - an extra chair, desk, box, computer, and anything that makes the place appear like a store. A clear office makes you productive and will reduce stress while you work.

The best way to create a comfortable home office is to personalize every aspect. Use your favourite colours, add delightful plants, and use your favourite rug/carpet on the floor. You are the CEO of your home office, so you have the freedom to make it look the way you like.

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