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A composed apartment is one of the many repercussions you face, for living in a big city. One's home is a reflection of one's personality. No matter how big or how small it is, your home speaks volumes about your likes and dislikes.

If you're someone who wishes to style their apartment according to their taste but thinks it is too small to accommodate stuff, here are some tricks that could help you pave some space for bringing your dream home to life.

Get Rid Of The Unnecessary

Take a look at your place, try to inspect everything in the house that is occupying space. You will find a lot of things that are unnecessarily placed in your house, that are neither useful nor look good. Make a list of such things and get rid of them.

This inspection and cleansing should be done more often than just twice a year. This will help your space stay clean and not look too occupied.

Before you throw the items that you don’t need in the trash can, research about charity programs. Check local NGOs or other programs where you could send these items to be reused.

Remember to rotate your clothing as a way to maximise wardrobe space. Reassemble your clothes based on the ones you wear more or based on the season; in summer, for example, move your summer clothes to the front.

Give Mirrors And Semi-Open Furniture A Chance

Reflecting mirrors are of great use in small apartments. By placing them on the corners and specific angles, they tend to create an illusion of a larger space. They multiply the size and parameters of the apparent space.

You could also try using some semi-open furniture like bookshelves, etc. These also work to make your apartment look bigger than its original size.

Also, when choosing furniture, make sure that you buy furniture (couches, tables, lamp stands) that have exposed legs. Such furniture allows light to pass from their bottom and gives the illusion of a big space.

In addition, if you're choosing to decorate your apartment, make sure you buy some statement furniture pieces that speak about you and your taste.

Push The Furniture Against The Wall

All the furniture that you're keeping in your apartment shouldn't be centralized or it would make your apartment look smaller than its size.

Align the furniture against the wall. This will also help in framing the space. Once you're done with framing the space, you could place some showpiece to add to the decor.

However, you should remember that you do not over-decorate the house. This could cover your space more than required and will reduce its apparent size.

Additionally, you should purchase a clothing rack where you could hang your clothes without the need to buy a large closet. Clothing racks will increase the amount of space available.

Think About Storage Furniture And Murphy Beds

Try buying furniture (beds, couches, etc) with a lot of storage space. You could place your important stuff like books or bedding in them. A lot of other stuff like your old guitar or your skateboard can be stored in this furniture.

Also, Murphy beds are something you might want to invest in. These beds are perfect for small spaces. You could fold these and put these against the wall as a shelf, or hold them and turn them into a couch. When you feel sleepy, you can turn it back to a comfy bed.

Murphy beds reduce the space that a bed usually occupies all the time and makes space for doing some other fun activities. In case you're not able to find the right furniture for your apartment, you could seek professional help from one of the many general contractors in your city.

Do Not Block Natural Light

Make sure that no matter where you place your furniture, they do not come in the way of natural light and block it. Nobody likes a dark room, and no matter how hard you try, nothing can beautify your space more than natural light. Thus, make sure that you do not cover the windows.

However, you can use long curtains to decorate the windows. These curtains will also make your apartment look taller and add to its depth.

The colour of the curtains is an important thing to choose. Make sure you do it according to your taste and the colour of your walls.

Some extra tips on how to maximize space:

- Going vertical for storage is always the easiest way to save on floor space

- Use hooks to hang coats, bags, and hats

- Keys, shoes and mail may be stored on shelves

- Less stuff you own, the bigger your space will look

- Clean regularly and stay organized

- Create hidden storage

- Use open closets and open shelving


To decorate a small space, first, you need to declutter it and get rid of unnecessary things.

Place all your furniture against the wall and align them along with it. You can use mirrors and open furniture to create an illusion of a bigger space.

Buy exposed leg furniture that allows light to pass through their bottom. Do not block the passage of natural light. You can invest in furniture with storage options and Murphy beds.

Making small changes as suggested above can ensure that your studio apartment not only creates the impression of bigger space but actually becomes more spacious.

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