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Small apartments have a lot of advantages. You can usually find them in the hearts of big cities, close to all important places and events. What's more, they're practical, modern, and charming at the same time.

However, people often think that the main focus must be on functionality in a small living space. This is not entirely true. Although you want your place to be functional and well-organized, there's no reason to neglect style.

With a bit of creativity and imagination, there are numerous ways to create a unique and distinct look. The key is to combine your needs with your style. In this article, we've prepared modern design ideas for small apartments that will make your place look cosy and stylish.

Carefully Divide The Space Into Separate Areas

When your apartment is short on square footage, you can't afford to have a separate room for everything. For example, the kitchen might double as a dining room, or the big central room can be used as a living room, a kitchen, and a productive home office at the same time.

This might sound daunting, but don't worry! The trick is to carefully define different areas in the room and give each of them a distinct look and purpose. There are many items you can use to achieve this:

- colourful area rugs can mark different sections of the room

- plant holders can freshen up the room and divide the living area from the home office

- a tall bookshelf can add valuable storage space and act as a divider

- a decorative screen can double as a statement art piece and divide the room into

separate areas

Keep Your Apartment Clutter-Free

Needless to say, you don't want an avalanche of things and various knickknacks in your limited space. This is a surefire way to make your tiny apartment feel crowded and stuffy.

If your goal is to maximize your space, it is the perfect time to tidy up every corner of your apartment. Consider a good spring cleaning session to help you declutter and organize your home.

Sort out your possessions and decide which items are worth keeping. The rest you can sell or donate. Whenever possible, opt for storing smaller items out of sight. Not only will your apartment look modern and tidy, but it will also seem more airy and spacious. Make it a habit to go through all your belongings several times a year and reevaluate your possessions.

Opt For Neutral Colours And Make Use Of Contrast

Light, pastel colours will make any space appear larger and more spacious than it is. For that reason, a neutral colour palette is an ideal solution for small apartments. Off-white, beige, or light grey walls will bring in light and brightness.

Lighter colours combine well with various styles and designs, so you can never go wrong with them.

On the other hand, you don't want your apartment to look bland or monochrome. A neutral backdrop provides you with an opportunity to showcase your personality and style. Add flair to your space by creating an accent wall. Either paint it in a bold, bright colour or showcase art pieces and decorations that will add a pop of colour and demand attention.

Choose Furniture Carefully

Furniture plays a critical role when it comes to modern design ideas for small apartments. Naturally, you want to create a cosy and comfortable space where you can work and relax.

Opt for quality furniture pieces lower to the ground, such as ottomans and low coffee tables, to achieve a sense of openness.

In contrast, choose leggy and curved chairs and tables that will add to the modern appeal. Rounded and curved edges will visually enlarge the space and break the monotony.

In addition to that, opt for multifunctional pieces that you can use as storage. Double-duty furniture such as a bed that can be turned into a sofa, drop-leaf tables, or other pieces with built-in storage are ideal for combining functionality and style in small apartments.

Use Vertical Space For Storage

When you live in a small apartment, it's essential to use every inch of square footage you have. Rethink how you use your space and try to find ways to maximize it.

For example, create a stylish or cosy nook in an underutilized corner. Turn it into a reading area, storage space, or use it to display art. A small home office might also be a good idea.

Vertical space is precious in small apartments. A pair of narrow bookshelves from floor to ceiling will give you a lot of storage room while keeping your floor space free of clutter. Vertical racks are an ideal solution for storing small items in the kitchen and bathroom.

Floating Shelves

Open floating shelves are an excellent option for small living spaces. Not only do they look modern and stylish, but they also have many other advantages.

For example, you can use them to display collectables and knickknacks or art and decorations. They come in various designs and styles, so you'll easily find the ones that suit your taste. What's best, they work well in every room - you can use them in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Be Bold With Art And Decorations

Last but not least, let your personality shine through by choosing art pieces and decorations that suit your taste. Remember that living in a small apartment doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Although it might sound counterintuitive, big accent pieces will provide focus and draw the eye.

On the other hand, too many small items will make the room appear cluttered. Therefore, be brave and creative and use these modern design ideas for small apartments to create your dream home.

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