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While a stylish design is important in the bathroom, cleanliness is even more crucial. With just a few planning hacks, a sparkling clean bathroom is guaranteed for the long run.

Streamline the layout

To ensure cleaning can be carried out quickly and efficiently, bathrooms should have as few nooks and crannies as possible. Pre-wall installations are the ideal solution here, as they take common dust traps like cisterns, pipes and cables and hide them behind the wall. Toilets can also be mounted to the wall during this process, making for a smoother surface that is easy to clean.

Keep things organised

Keeping bathroom accessories in boxes means they can be cleared to one side easily, leaving surfaces free for quick, simple cleaning. An even better idea is practical organising boxes that make the most of the nooks inside of your bathroom furniture.

Avoid grout lines

The larger the tiles, the easier they are to clean. Having fewer grout lines is also a clear winner, as these are essentially a magnet for dirt and germs.

Open up the floor area

Leave a distance of around 15 cm between the floor and the lower edge of the toilet in order to allow for easy mopping and sweeping. Plus, it will make your bathroom look airy and spacious!

Clean regularly

Dirt, germs and splashes can accumulate quickly, especially inside the grout lines around the toilet and washbasin. This can result in unpleasant odours. Therefore, clean your tiles and other surfaces regularly and whenever you have a moment to spare. You’ll thank yourself further down the line!

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