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If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re moving in with a special someone—congratulations! Co-habiting can be thrilling, and part of that excitement is creating your lovely home together. However, if your design styles are not as compatible as your personalities, here are six ways you and your partner can marry your styles.

Stick to the 80/20 Rule

A rule of thumb is to assign 80% of the room to one design style and 20% to another, allowing you and your partner’s styles to complement – not fight – each other. The person in charge of the 80% will have a say on colours, furniture, and flooring while leaving background features such as statement pieces and lighting to the other person. This eclectic home is a perfect example of the 80/20 rule as it reflects both homeowners’ tastes through the mid-century modern furniture and nature-inspired details.

Coordinate colours in a room

The next time you find yourself at a clearance sale or souvenir shop, pause for a moment to consider the colours in your dwelling. Instead of purchasing that rainbow tiffany lamp, opt for one that matches the blue pillows your spouse picked out. Besides pulling together the look of your room, this emphasis on colour repetition will also prevent you from splurging on items that cause visual clutter.

Opt for a simple colour palette

Speaking of colours, a coherent colour palette is crucial in maintaining a room’s visual harmony. By limiting the choice of shades or sticking with a neutral scheme, your home will look effortlessly tidy while allowing different styles to blend seamlessly. Depending on your tastes, you can even incorporate up to three accent colours through wall decor, indoor plants or statement lighting.

Consider adopting hybrid designs

It’s important to find common ground in any relationship, and the same goes for interior design! Take the time to go through similar design themes with your partner and identify the characteristics that pull them together. For adventurous couples, feel free to experiment with hybrid designs that merge two themes, such as Japandi (Japanese-Scandinavian), with its focus on functionality and simplicity, and Boholuxe (Bohemian-luxe), a look that embraces glamour and comfort.

Pick a unifying pattern

Another way to achieve style consistency is by identifying a motif used across your home and repeating it throughout the space. Suppose your living room sports geometric shapes on the sofa, which is typically the area’s focal point. Duplicate these patterns with diamond prints on the carpet, or by painting straight lines on your feature wall. While the repeated patterns need not be identical, they should ideally feel cohesive.

Balance masculine and feminine features

If your master bedroom resembles a man cave more than a couple’s love nest, balance out those masculine features by mixing them up with feminine elements. Too many sharp edges? Weave in some curves with a gold-tinted round table. Or does your partner’s leather furniture look a tad intimidating? Throw in some plush cushions to soften the look.

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